"We often play Tucked In for our two foster sons at rest time. I cannot tell you how big I smiled yesterday when I heard the 6-year-old in the backseat singing 'Jesus is All the World to Me.' Thank you for blessing my family."  - Tabitha

"Friends, if you have kids, you seriously need to buy this album.  And I'm not just saying this because they're friends of mine.  It is so beautiful that you as adults will actually enjoy listening to it.  Yes, seriously.  It's been amazing how much it changes a chaotic atmosphere around the house to one that is peaceful and calm.  You especially need to check out the songs "When" and "Merrit Mae"!  Way to go!  This is amazing!"  - Jessica

"My 14 month old is OBSESSED with this cd. I will turn it on in the evenings, and as soon as she hears the first song she waddles over to our speakers and starts clapping, singing (I use the term singing loosely, yelling is more like it), and dancing. It is also perfect for the car. I have played it while driving us around to complete our errands, and she has not made a PEEP in her carseat (which is truly a testament to how great/calming this cd is for us. she is currently teething, all 4 canines, and has been almost un-soothable without this music on). The classics are wonderful to sing along with, as well as the original songs. 'When', 'Forever', and 'Merritt Mae' make me tear up every time I am rocking my baby to sleep. I wholeheartedly recommend buying this album, you will not regret it!"  - Reese

"Night Nights for the win!!!  Both kids are asleep for the first time in a month!"  - Kelsey

"Your lullaby album works like a charm!  Every time Myer is crying in the car, I put it on and it stops!  Seriously people.  This album is a life saver!  Sanity saver.  Just plain unbelievable how it calms and soothes little ones.  I'm not joking.  Just buy it and you will see.  No more screaming car rides."  - Tally

"The Night Nights save the day again on yet another road trip.  This album has been saving he day since Oliver was 9 months old.  'Stars in da sky' (When) is the most requested song coming from the back seat.  Thank you for the many times you have rescued us!" - Sara

"My girl has been really sick with RSV this week and last night around 2AM she was especially miserable-coughing, feverish, moaning and crying non-stop. Nothing could console her, until...I started playing Night Nights and she was almost immediately calm. So was I except for the mommy-tears rolling down my cheeks as we listened to the precious songs. And then off to sleep she went. Thanks for recording such a beautiful album."

"Julie, Karlie and Claire, I am sitting here listening to your precious, soothing c.d. with Kara - my baby girl - as she holds her newborn son and we are mesmerized by the sweet melodies. We love it. I was so glad to hear Julie singing "Dancing With My Baby"! Such sweet memories."  - Karla